3 Minutes _The Very Moment (3분 만남) / 2011

3 Minutes (in Chunggyechun, Seoul) / excerpted time-laps video / 00'40"

Koreans tend to regard relationship with others as important under the influence of Oriental culture and interdependency of people in society. Currently, we enjoy social media easily and quickly regardless of surrounding environment. We can easily see people who do not take their hand off from a smartphone everywhere.

However, these phenomena make me consider about what we are missing at the moment within the convenience of the method of communication.


I suggested this performance taking people’s hands and looking at each other for 3 minutes in public space to meet diverse people in a different way.


3 minutes is regarded as quite short time in our daily lives; There are even a series of instant food by the name of 3 minutes. During the performance, the 3 minutes would make us feel short or long time, and familiar or unfamiliar taking a new twist to the moment.

3 Minutes (in Euireung, Itaewon, Chunggyechun) / Photo documentation

installation view

Warm-hand ston sculpture / 3D modeling

3 Minutes _The Very Moment (3분 만남) / digital print 16x24(inch) / 2011 / in Jong-gak, Seoul

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