How Mush is the Day Worth? / 2011-2012​

How Much is a Day Worth? / excerpted version 04'00" / (single channel video, 01'02'51")

I went to Wongok-dong. Almost all of the people looked like Asian, but they were not Korean. The signs on the street were not Korean, and not even English as usual. They were written in something else. It was in Korea, but not like Korea. 

I had been roaming around the village and gotten known the people. The people who I met in Wongok-dong, especially immigrants who came to Korea for working not for traveling seem to have difficulties to design and plan their ordinary life with free will due to exhaustion from excessive work, a problem of language, and so forth, although they have to settle and live in at least several years. I wanted to look for the value of a day in ordinary lives which is considered everyone has, and everyone must have. What are we working for, and what are we living for?


There were many people coming from many different countries living in the village. There were diverse cultures and stories of them, but also about us. 'Us'.

The Value of a Day in the Balloons / 16 photographs / digital print / 8x10(inch) each 

My project is to supply an average daily wage to participated immigrants that they get paid for providing labor during a day, support them to spend 'A day what they want' and record the process. In the recorded video, there are the processes of the itinerary of us for the day and communication between us for spending the day smoothly, also it includes what they thought and felt during the day and what I felt from their expression of mind. I hope this project will be an opportunity for not only participants but also every audience to look back our one day that we may walk away carelessly within our monotonously repetitive daily life.

4 channel video installation / Artist-in-residence program in Litmus 2011 The Final Report Exhibition

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