Nap Sharing / 2015

photo by Daan Muller

I had lived in Japan when I was younger. At that time, there was 'nap time' in my preschool, so we needed to sleep at the specific time every day. From one day, I took a role as a 'dream maker'. I asked my friend what they want to dream about. I searched the dream disks in the imaginary safe on my stomach, and fed them through their mouth. Sometimes, some of my friends came to me after the nap time, and told me that they really dreamt about what they asked me before. And we talked about the dream together.

When I was considering about idea to share the future with the others, I remind that time.

Sleeping is actually quite personal and individual action, and we usually sleep in a private space. I planned the personal action in public space to share napping. People who came to nap share one bad, and we talked about our usual dreams, the most memorable dream of each, and the dream which we want to dream together. We could imagine some black & white or colorful images, and fell a sleep for a while.

Did we share a scene you think?  

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