The First Full Moon (정월대보름) in Utrecht, Netherland / 2014

정월대보름 (Jeongwol Daeboreum) which means Great Full Moon in Korea celebrates the first full moon of the new year of the lunar calendar. In 2014, it falls on February 14th of the Gregorian calendar. Many of the customs center around happiness, good health, and sharing dishes with neighbors. Also, people pray for a blessing-filled year to the full moon at night.

Greeting card for neighbors

I invited people who can participate 24hours on the first full moon day in an empty room for the exhibition. There was only a projector to introduce the work as a first lamp I borrowed. Following the film explained what to do and the schedule, we had knocked the door of neighbors and asked to borrow the lamps -anything can make a light-. We explained about the specific day by the lunar calendar, shared some Korean traditional foods, and we could borrow several lamps. We spent a day with the lamps and gave them back after the day.





During that time, I documented what I want to remember, and also asked people to document what they want to remember.


The lights / One of documentation by me

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